Detailing Kato N700A Shinkansen

After recently receiving my Kato N700A Shinkansen 4-car set I started detailing the interiors like I did with my Amfleet sets.





Installing DCC decoders in the slot under the cab and motor cars.

The first thing I did was install the Kato FL12 decoders in both cab cars. The decoder goes in opposite directions on each cab car.

The Kato EM13 decoder goes in the underside of the motor car. You have to remove the drive shaft first and then slide it in.

Four N700A series shinkansen cars with the body shells removed and interiors painted.

Painted N700A interiors

I painted the interiors of all the standard cars bright blue and the interior of the green car a light brown like the prototype. I took white paint and detailed a thin strip across the top of each row of seats.

After removing the plastic seat piece the metal strips that hold the decoders in place and the springs that snap the coupler pieces back in place came loose. To get the metal strips back in place took a lot of patience and wiggling gently to align them. They should be facing open side down. For the springs the key is just not to lose them. Once you reattached the seat plastic there is a small hole by each coupler piece you can slide them back in.

The last thing I do before sealing the cars up is glue a couple of people along the widow seats for pops of color as the train goes by.


Final Results

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