Micro-Trains BNSF Boeing Fuselage Train Assembly


I recently ordered the Micro-Trains TTX fuselage pack which includes two TTX flat cars, a Boeing 737-700 fuselage and some of the support structure for the first car. For some reason this set doesn’t come with with tool boxes but even includes the space in the case for it. I’ll most likely just use a 3D printer to make one and paint it to match.




Prototype Boeing 737 on a BNSF freight train.

Boeing accepts deliveries of 737 fuselages shipped from Wichita, Kansas into Renton, Washington where the complete final assembly. You can learn more about them in this CityLab article.




Fuselage support brackets on the 3D printed raft before cutting.

The first step requires you to remove the fuselage support pieces printed raft. They recommend you paint the black piece in black and the two grey pieces in a slightly lesser grey. You could get away without painting these but in my set at least, the black has some discoloration and the grey pieces showed where the raft was attached.


As an optional step they suggest painting the wingbox a yellow color to matched the prototype. I stopped by my local model store with a photo and picked up the closest matching paint: Tamiya XF-4 Yellow Green. I carefully masked it off and sprayed the paint the area.

Finally you have to apply the decals. I don’t have a ton experience with waterslide decals so I was a little worried. The instructions that come in the box aren’t super helpful. They point you to the decal manufacturer’s website that I couldn’t get to load. They do suggest you find a video on their website but I’d be surprised if they keep it there forever. I would love to see them include better instructions in the box.

Most of the decals went in very obvious places but there were a couple under “Step 9: Misc/Extra Coverings – Optional” that didn’t have a clear indication of where they should be. I just placed them in areas that seemed a little bare and had something placed in the prototype.


The Final Product


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